High Park College Pro Toronto - lied, never finished job, broke contract

Toronto, Ontario 0 comments

High Park College Pro Toronto - franchise owner bumped the start date twice without warning delaying the job start by almost a month, they lied as to the reasons for the delay, they underestimated the job which ended up stressing the painters, who made multiple mistakes (wrong paint, wrong finish, never caulked, plastered, sanded, primed what was all promised and stated as "that's standard practice for us"), made promises they never full-filled, walked out on the job before it was finished, left paint and plaster dust all over the floors, furniture, equipment, house...weasled out of final contractual obligations. When customer contacted College Pro head office for support, they did nothing that ensured the franchise owner simply keep their word, and therefore support this unethical behaviour. It was an exhausting, three month, expensive, waste of time and money.

Review about: Start Date Fail.

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